"If that happens, then so what?
While that went through my head
I secretly wished that was not the truth"

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I love this one.


I love this one.

(Ab)Normal Days || Naohiro || Oh, Jerry, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars.


Why did things have to happen so often in the morning around here?

Even if Naohiro was used to waking up in the morning, he wasn’t used to waking up this early. Generally between the hours of 9-11 AM. To him, those were reasonable hours to wake up at.

Not this 6 AM bullshit.

But any irritation that would have been caused by another early awakening evaporated once his ears made sense of what was awakening him. A very creepy, unsettling voice, singing a… a nursery rhyme? What kind of…

This… this didn’t give him a good feeling.

Then again, did anything here at this point?

And surely enough, when he’d gathered with everyone else at the courtyard, those feelings were confirmed. The entire place was being domed off, Monobear apparently unwilling to reverse this until someone died, monsters supposedly roaming around the area…

While the dome and the monsters were extremely concerning, the fact that Monobear was threatening them with murder… it wasn’t so much.

In any case, he just… he needed to do a better job this time in keeping those he cared about protected. He couldn’t do the same for Yoshihiro and Haruka, but surely for Sasaki… surely this time around, he could…

Y͓̯̤̝͍ͯ̌̆͌̎o͚̖̬̓̅ͬu̮͈̠͒͂͒̏̔͘’̟̮̫̳̅̃͝r̷̺̲̝͙̠͇͍̈́ͤ̋ͨ̽e̦ ̟͖̈́́̃ͭ̂͊͊͟g̝̗̬̑̉o̠͕ͥͫin̦ͧͬ͟g͓͎̤͐̅̐̑ ͙̠̠̪̟̘̏͂̚t̰̘͚̗̼̞͂́̚o̞͕̟̓͒ͩ͂ ̟͕̙̎ͨͨͬf̄͐̎̉ͣͧ͏̗a̸̩̖ͫĭ̖̹͖̰ͯͨ͟l͛ͣͯ̾҉̱̠͓͎ ͒̈ͭ̉ͨag̫̰̫̗͙̯̃̏ͦ̒͒aį̹̜̼̻̯͔̾̿̋̎̌ͭn̗̦̤͐̆.̻̻͙̦̤̓͆.͙̱͓̄̈̔́̽.̴̫͍̤̦̄̍̓ͦ͗

He had to try.

He quickly rushed back inside of the castle, heading turning back and forth in an attempt to locate Sasaki. It wasn’t too hard; she happened to be right in the Great Hall, speaking to… Airi? Ah, he…

Right, he mentioned her on the radio, when he… when he exploded…

His eyes seemed to be particularly downcast as he approached Sasaki, mumbled a few short, gentle words to her, and continued off to his room. He hoped that she would take note of his words, at least… take them into consideration. For her own good, and for his own.

He… wasn’t too sure that he could handle the loss of another friend at this rate.

With those thoughts pushed aside, Naohiro continued his path to his room. He’d given her advice, and he needed to heed that very advice, didn’t he? If he was to ensure her safety, he needed to… right.

[LOCATION CHANGE: Great Hall ► Room 3F]

Once inside of his room, he intended to move straight to his closet, to retrieve that certain item as soon as he could so he could keep it nearby. But he… that happened not to be his first destination.

Rather, it happened to be the drawer of his nightstand. It was very slowly that he opened the first drawer, gazing down into the contents. In particular, he gazed upon the bandages and gauze. The very ones he used to wear all the time, now beginning to collect dust inside of this piece of wooden furniture.

He couldn’t say how long exactly he spent staring at his drawer, gaze unwavering from the box of bandages and rolls of gauze. Was there a point? Everyone already knew that they served no purpose. Merely an ego booster, so he could claim that he wasn’t as pacifistic as he might come off. So he could claim that, in a way, he was strong. He wouldn’t back down from a fight, he wouldn’t let others mess with him…

But as he began peeling the bandages out of the wrapping, sticking them back to his body in a fairly nostalgic process, he began to realize that they served another purpose to him. One that must have developed due to their first purpose.

In a sense, they had become a comfort item to him. They served as a constant reminder to stay strong, and to do his best to uphold that strong image he so desired. Perhaps if he’d worn them last trial, he could have held back from those ridiculous, emotion-filled outbursts. The reckless behavior, the stating of things that never needed to be said, the demanding attitude.

He couldn’t change that, though, could he? Just like he couldn’t change…

He’d… been pretty rude when he left the radio room, hadn’t he? While he managed to calm down with Sasaki, Haruka and Kamille…

But he… they were just recordings, right? So it didn’t truly matter if he said hurtful things. They weren’t really there. They didn’t really exist.


So, why did he still feel bad? Was it because they sounded like his deceased classmates? Was that the reason he felt so much guilt over snapping at those voices with barely any rhyme or reason? That surely must have been it.

If that was the case… maybe apologizing would help his conscious. Even if they weren’t real, the action would still serve to clear his mind of these guilt-ridden feelings.

Yes, surely that would…

Keeping that thought in consideration, he quietly closed the nightstand’s drawer, and approached his closet.

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